Berchtesgaden – Eagle's Nest, Obersalzberg, Watzmann, Königssee


High above Berchtesgaden you can see mount Kehlstein whose summit is called the Eagle's Nest because of  the former diplomatic residence of dictator Adolf Hitler. It was a present to his 50th birthday in 1936, built only in 14 months. The near-
by mount Obersalzberg also was a refugium place for the highest Nazi officers in the Nazi era from 1933 until 1945.

There can still be seen the bunkers and the historical meaning in a documentary center. After World War II the American
Army used the place as "AFRC", American Forces Recreation Center, until 1996.

Nowadays people enjoy the wonderful natural beauty of Berchtesgaden with its mountains and lakes. There is also an
interesting salt mine that can be visited throughout the whole year.